Pressure Cooker Reviews 2015

Pressure Ccooker ReviewsPressure cooker reviews are invaluable tools to show potential buyers the difference between an excellent cooker and a poor one. At first glance, it may seem like all pressure cookers are the same. However, there are a great many small differences that make up the various brands of cooker that actually make a large difference in the end result for the food.


Electric or Stovetop

The first thing to consider is the old electric vs stovetop debate. Ultimately, most pressure cooker reviews will agree that stovetop is the better investment. Stovetop options are usually larger, and are somewhat more durable. While electric pressure cooker reviews cite numerous automatic functions, such as adjusting to mild settings as water evaporates, these often cause problems, such as making large meals difficult to manage because the temperature keeps dropping. These settings do, however, mean that an electric cooker does not have to be watched, which can be very convenient. Most pressure cooker reviews, such as ones from Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen prefer stovetop models.


all-american-pressure-cookePopular Brands of Cooker

A great many pressure cooker reviews will reference some of the many brands of pressure cooker that exist in 2015. Some of them are easily recognizable – Bed Bath and Beyond, for example, stock dozens of electric pressure cooker models at varying prices. Others are a little less well-known, though that doesn’t mean the quality of their products is poor. Kuhn-Rikon, for instance, sells pressure cookers with accessories, including stackable steamers and liquid cleaners, as well as giving options for handles or side grips. Another great place to find online pressure cooker reviews and the cookers they refer to is Amazon, which sells often-reviewed Presto, Hawkins, and Power brands across North America.


fagor-pressure-cookerWhat to Do With a Good Cooker

A pressure cooker uses the steam that accumulates from boiled water to create a hot, high-pressure environment to effectively cook most foods. This means that food cooks faster while using less water and energy. A good stainless steel pressure cooker can create all kinds of delicious foods that don’t work as well with conventional methods. The Fagor Pressure Cooker site, for instance, is filled with pressure cooker recipes that range from Autumn Stew to Piquant Shrimp to Quinoa that takes a minute to make.A good pressure cooker can make delicious ribs, all kinds of chicken dishes, and great vegetable recipes. Nearly anything that can be cooked in water can be prepared to perfection in a pressure cooker.


hawkins-pressure-cookerOther Cookers

Even simpler than using a pressure cooker to make a good meal is using the microwave, where meals are quick, though this means they aren’t usually very tasty. However, there are cookers that actually work with this particular appliance, giving its users the option to stick to their convenience while still getting a great meal out of it. Browsing through pressure cooker reviews might not yield the greatest results for cookers that are neither electric nor stovetop, but there isn’t any way to deny that this is a very easy option that might not be bad to keep around for those days when you’re just not up to cooking, even to the relatively simple standard that a pressure cooker offers.


kuhn-rikon-pressure-cookerPressure Cooker Reviews and Canners

Pressure Canners are very similar appliances to pressure cookers, and are rarely even differentiated much in pressure cooker reviews. Both can be used for pressure-cooking, and are very useful for the cooking of a wide variety of foods. A pressure canner, however, has the added function of being used to home-can those various foods, and pressure canner reviews will usually focus on this feature. Pressure canners are usually larger, to accommodate more food for canning. While a steam gauge on a pressure cooker is a higher-end optional feature, seen in places like on an All American pressure cooker, it is essential on a pressure canner so the food inside can be prepared and canned safely.


presto-pressure-cookerWhich Cooker is good for me?

There are many brands of cooker; there are canners and cookers, appliance-based pots, small ones, large ones, steel, aluminum, some with gauges, some without. You can base your purchase on the consumer reports you find online and match them to your own preferences and budget. Pressure cooker reviews are helpful in explaining the exact specifications of each cooker so you know exactly what you’re getting into.


stainless-steel-pressure-coStainless Steel

Objectively, the best pressure cookers are stovetop models made from stainless steel, and ultimately will cost a fair amount of money. The “extra benefits;” things like gauges, energy savings, and brand names are more subjective to the buyer. Always look into pressure cooker reviews, and know both what you’re looking for and what you’re buying. There can be no doubt that a good pressure cooker is a worthwhile investment, so get what will be right for you.

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